You are what you love…


I love

…going out of my way, beyond what I know, and finding my way back by another trail, with a compass that argues with the map.

…losing myself: a delightful surrender, lost to the world, completely absorbed by the present. It’s like with those wild animals: when I don’t hold it too tightly, it doesn’t thrash against me so wildly. And this helps me be fully present and enjoy each moment.

…days wandering on unknown streets feeling lost though I know where I am. Nights in remote towns, checking the map at the bed lamp. Sunrises seen from the airplane thinking about that full day of wandering I have ahead. Sunsets with a cup of wine and a map. …going places where I don’t know anybody, don’t know my way around and don’t have any delusions that I’m in control. Disoriented, even frightened, I feel alive, awake in ways I never am at home.

…new beginnings every day. Finding life experiences and swallow them whole. Taking the road less traveled, go down some dead ends and explore the world beyond the comfort zone. Learning about other cultures, tasting traditional food from every corner of the world.

…moments when my eyes are in tears, my heart sighs with amazement and joy, my mind is deliriously happy and grateful and I found myself saying “I have never seen such a beautiful place before”. Though this is something I keep on saying with every single journey.

…times when some architectural details or simple vistas leave me breathless and make me be grateful for the wonderful world we all live in and for the chance I’ve been given to see them with my all eyes.

…coming back home and realizing I’m not the same. The constant flow of new experiences and challenges shapes me. It forces me to learn not just about the world, but also about myself.


My wanderlust


CITIES I love:

… Paris with its beautiful sunset seen from the tower of Sacre Coeur basilica. Or the smell of the freshly baked croissants and coffee coming out the cozy restaurants from Monmarte.

…Prague with its charming vistas from  Saint Wenceslas Vineyard, accompanied by a delicious Moravian wine. Or the ticking of the amazing Astronomical Clock that takes you back in the Middle Ages.

…Barcelona with its stunning dancing fountains from Monjuic. Or an exquisite paella and a refreshing sangria served near the crowded Rambla del Mar.

EXPERIENCES I’ll never forget:

… the 3 days journey in the Amazonian jungle. Waking up at 5 a.m., walking through the Amazonian jungle for km on end, deeper and deeper in the Amazonian jungle, playing with the monkeys, admiring the thousands of parrots flying above our heads, enjoying the music of the jungle,  admiring the sunset in a hammock near the brown river, “hunting” caimans in the middle of the night

… the night spent in the desert, in a berber village. Riding a camel through the dunes, eating the most delicious tajine, enjoying the campfire in the middle of the desert, dancing and singing with the berbers, admiring on of the most wonderful sunrises

… the Icelandic adventure. The unforgettable things  amid one of the most remarkable landscapes on the planet. Experiencing geysers, lagoons, volcanoes, waterfalls and rainbows.  And the Aurora Borealis.


…Machu Picchu seen from Wayna Picchu, in a cold morning, as the sun rises and the fog clears.

…the sunset in Atacama desert, near Cerro Blanco sand dune. After a few hours spent sandboarding and buggying.

…the spectacular Jokulsarlon. The intense blue, the serenity, the giant ice cubes floating along the lake, the seals swimming amongst the icebergs. And the rainbow above the lagoon.

Favorite DISHES:

…Moroccan tajine, prepared by the berber people and served at sunset in the middle of Sahara desert.

…Peruvian Lomo saltado, tasted in Colca Canyon

…Sicilian pastas with ricotta and pistachio , served in a traditional restaurant in the old Syracuse.

Favorite DRINKS:

…pisco sour, served on a cozy restaurant near the wild beaches of Paracas, enjoying the sound of the waves from the Pacific Ocean and the dozen of pelicans

… limoncello, enjoying the Amalfi coast (**tasted it in some other places around Italy, but looking forward to drink it in Amalfi)

…prosecco, served in an afternoon while taking a stroll through one of the Tuscan vineyards (**same as with limoncello)