Scattered pieces at sunrise

“I had always believed that I left a bit of me wherever I went. I also believed that I took a bit of every place with me. I never felt that more than with this trip. It was as if the act of touching these places, walking these roads,and asking these questions had added another column to my being. And the only possible explanation I could find for that feeling was that a spirit existed in many of the places I visited, and a spirit existed in me and the two had somehow met in the course of my travels. It’s as if the godliness of the land and the godliness of my being had fused. ”

One thought on “Scattered pieces at sunrise

  1. Nice photos and nice blog.
    I remember coming back to London from Mexico and walking to the train station on a frosty morning still jet-lagged and I could feel that there was another me that I’d left behind in Tijuana who was enjoying one of many margherita cocktails as the evening wore on. But what if these parallel worlds were to merge together? – that’s a subject in my novel.
    (I’ve been to Iceland too by the way and it’s a beautiful place.)

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